2 NZ Bio-Pouch Mailer Kit 95KPA TRANSPORT BAG


Made out of laminated LLDPE the 2NZ Bio-Pouch Mailer Kit is the latest innovation from the team at Bio Packaging.

The smallest of our Bio-Pouch range it can be used for all single tube shipments and comes complete with cartons for both P.I 602 and P.I 650 requirements to cut down on expensive freight costs. The landscape layout allows for the maximum opening possible which in turn maximises carrying capacity.



Complies with Packing Instruction P650
(Category B Diagnostic Specimens)

Leak-proof and 95Kpa pressure tested

The sealing method means the Bio-Pouch is a single-use system.


  • Length: 260mm
  • Height: 200mm
  • Opening: 190mm
  • Carton Length: 272mm
  • Carton Height: 48mm
  • Carton Width: 125mm