5 NZ Bio-Pouch Mailer Kit 95KPA TRANSPORT BAG


The Bio-Pouch is a revolutionary design in diagnostic substance packaging.

High customer demand and several years of R&D have led to the manufacture of the Bio-Pouch and in particular the patented Bio-Zip. This economical and lightweight form of packaging is easy to store, strong and flexible enough to accept numerous receptacles used within the medical industry.

Larger than the 2NZ Bio-Pouch, the 5NZ Bio-Pouch provides greater capacity and versatility.

Holds up to 8 samples





Complies with Packing Instruction P650
(Category B Diagnostic Specimens)

Leak-proof and 95Kpa pressure tested

The sealing method means the Bio-Pouch is a single-use system.


  • Length: 365mm
  • Height: 260mm
  • Opening: 190mm
  • Carton Length: 290mm
  • Carton Height: 100mm
  • Carton Width: 194mm