Are you aware?

That you are obliged to comply with the UN Regulations for Health & Safety?

About Us

Established in 1998 Bio Packaging specialises in the design, manufacture and distribution of temperature controlled packaging and regulatory compliant transport solutions. As an ISO:9001 organization we have a commitment to providing excellent service and absolute regulatory compliance. We also make a continued effort to develop environmentally sound and safe containers means we offer our clients a cost effective way to ensure the integrity of their products at all times.

Market Leader

From the start Biopackaging was at the forefront of design and development of UN/IATA compliant packaging. The Blue Lid Biobottle was the first such product developed to meet the regulations and through constant development has remained the market leader in sales and quality.

Preferred Supplier

Biopackaging has a strong record of partnership with the NHS and other governmental departments and agencies. As well as providing a steady supply of products to the public sector.

Biopackaging, working closely with DEFRA, was integral in providing transport solutions during the outbreak of BSE (Bovine Spongiform Encephalitis, or “Mad Cow Disease”), Biopackaging is also a preferred supplier during emergency conditions such as the Swine Flu Pandemic, during which time our range of products were the most extensively used packaging solutions.

Research and Development

In collaboration with our international partners Biopackaging are leaders in developing new and innovative packaging throughout the Bio-Medical Sector. Our Biofreeze Bottle, developed with our partners in New Zealand, is the first and only cost effective Dry-Ice free way of transporting specimens & vials below zero Celsius.

Environmental Sustainability

Environmentally sustainable products are extremely important to Biopackaging. All of our products are recyclable and cost effective.

In conjunction with our international partners we are constantly developing new environmentally friendly packaging. Our Biofreeze bottle is an example of an excellent cost effective product that enables transport without the need for dangerous and environmentally hazardous Dry Ice shipping solutions; incorporating our patented product design and innovative Green-Ice coolant solutions offer proven specimen protection with the economy of multiple use.

Custom Made Solutions

Biopackaging has a long standing tradition of providing individual packaging to suit the needs of the customer. We have an in house design team that can help design the type of labelling and outer packaging. We have designed packaging for a number of NHS Trusts, particularly regarding Chlamydia Screening and Airwaves Programme, as well as individually designed packaging for a number of leading Pharmaceutical Companies.