Bio-Freeze Bottle System


The Bio-Freeze Bottle System offers the medical market a cost effective and proven method of transporting diagnostic and infectious substances under temperature controlled conditions.

Our patented product is designed to include the innovative Green Ice coolant solution which is proven to protect specimens throughout the transport period and does away with the need to use dry ice. It can be pre-frozen in a domestic freezer and transported by airfreight as non-hazardous cargo resulting in huge cost savings.

At an ambient temperature of 25°C/77°F the inner receptacle will remain below zero degrees Celsius (34°F) for a period of 44-48 hours thanks to our Green Ice solution and our easy-to-use poly sleeve.

This translates into major cost benefits to our customers who previously paid dangerous goods premiums for dry ice or had to arrange for it to be sent to remote centres prior to shipment. Due to it being smaller than typical shipments containing dry ice the freight component size is also greatly reduced.



Complies with Packing Instruction P620
(Category A Infectious Substances)

Complies with Packing Instruction P650
(Category B Diagnostic Specimens)

Unique product with double wall and freeze gel in cavity

Designed for sending samples at low or below-zero temperatures without using dry ice

Maintains below-zero temperature for over 24hours


  • Capacity: 1.0L
  • Height: 250.0mm
  • Diameter: 145.0mm
  • Opening: 110.0mm tapering to 75.0mm