UN3373 and IATA Compliant Transport Packaging Solutions

Bio-Packaging specialises in intelligent, innovative and standards-compliant transport packaging solutions.

Our UN3373, UN2814 (Category A), UN2900 (Category A), UN 3291 (Category B), ADR & IATA compliant product range provides cost effective flexible transport packaging solutions for a range of Hazardous, Infectious and Diagnostic specimens of all sizes.

Microbiology and Pathology

The term microbiology covers a vast area but, no matter where or when, transportation precautions must be taken at all times.

Bio-Packaging Ltd provides suitably compliant transport solutions specifically designed for the purpose of careful handling of sensitive diagnostic reagents using our innovative Green Ice Coolant Solution. Our team deals with some of the leading laboratories in the industry in the UK and abroad

Our Biobottle and Diagnostic Mailer Systems range is extensively used in the transportation of specimens to and from microbiology laboratories and we can provide tailored systems to suit your needs.

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We have extensive experience in finding transportation packaging solutions for all parts of the veterinary sector that are 100 per cent compliant with set regulations.

Our experience includes dealing with large veterinary departments within universities as well as individual veterinary practices. We are able to provide bespoke services specifically designed for each client regardles of their size. We often provide individual practices with the expertise required in understanding the regulations behind the safe transport of specimens, vials and clinical waste.

Our products can be purchased in small quantities that suit the needs of small practices.

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In Bio-packaging we are aware of the importance of testing in the pharmaceutical industry and therefore understand the need to maintain the integrity of pharmaceutical samples during transportation. We have a history of co-operation with some of largest pharmaceutical companies in the world.

Our product range is fully compliant, well established and cost effective.

Hazardous Materials

Any time there is an issue with hazardous waste, it’s important that it is disposed of correctly. The Bio Packaging team provide the transport solution which makes disposing of hazardous waste simple. Products in this range will also save you money and lower your carbon footprint as our solutions is cost effective and environmentally friendly.

We have a range of leading Diva clinical waste bins that come in various shapes, sizes and colour and meet all the required regulations allowing you to dispose of hazardous waste with minimum effort.

Academic Research

Over the years we have created long standing relationships with some of the world’s leading academic institutions. We begin by listening to their needs and subsequently providing individual solutions for their diverse range of research projects and academic studies.

Furthermore, our collaboration with Academic Institutions has resulted in further developments and improvements in our product range.

Our relationship with the Academic sector is of crucial importance to us since it forms a symbiotic and mutually beneficial relationship.

Bespoke Services

In Bio-Packaging we proud ourselves in meeting the needs of every customer. Over the years we have provided tailored solutions for longitudinal studies done by countries leading universities including Imperial College London Airwave Study, Goverment Clamidia Screening Programme, Liverpool University Integral Study just to name a few.

Our dedicated team can provide advice and practical solutions based on your specific requirements. 

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