Universal Mailer System UN3373


The Universal Mailer Pack meets all transport regulations (Packaging Instructions 650) by providing a compliant secondary container, outer box, absorbent sachet and a tamper-proof mailing envelope.



It is ideal as a cost effective solution for sending single samples e.g. blood, urine, faeces, through the postal system.



It is a popular product that has been widely used in screening projects and clinical trials worldwide, including the Chlamydia Screening Programme.






Complies with Packing Instruction P650
UN 3373 (Category B Diagnostic Specimens)


Leakproof and 95Kpa pressure tested


Supplied with either Universal or Noax container


  • Carton Length: 128mm
  • Carton Height: 43mm
  • Carton Width: 43mm
  • Universal Bottle Height: 125mm
  • Universal Bottle Opening: 30mm
  • Universal Bottle Diameter: 30mm
  • Noax Bottle Height: 120mm
  • Noax Bottle Opening: 23mm
  • Noax Bottle Diameter: 30mm